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TNA’s Bound For Glory 2011

Tna is a company that I was excited for back when it debuted on Spike TV. It was fresh and full of great young talent that performed a fast paced style of pro wrestling. The likes of Aj Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe were just a few of the rosters great talents. The addition of Sting and Kurt Angle brought the company to new heights and intrigued almost all wrestling fans to tune in.

However, much has changed since then and I am pround to say I have not watched TNA in many years. I dont check the channel or the website or read any spoilers. I have had no contact with the product except faintly when RVD and Jeff Hardy decided to jump over to the Impact Zone. While Aj Styles mimicked the nature boy persona and Sting became the clown prince of TNA provided for fun youtube videos and unbearable  promos and ring entrances, I had vowed that the company was left to the dogs. Hogan and flair and Sting continue to dominate the program and live in the past, I am uninterested.

However for Bound for Glory I will give them a chance. This promo video did not get me excited but the card did. Aj vs daniels, lynn vs rvd will feel nostalgic. While the main event of angle vs Roode is intriguing. I will watch their product this one time and hope that talents like Samoa Joe head to WWE and I can enjoy their work once again.



I’d like to echo the sentiment of my fellow writer. I’m very much looking forward to many rousing debates and discussion about something that really has defined a great portion of my life.

Welcome to Wrestle Redemption

This is my first blog and is a joint effort with friends who have had a passion for pro wrestling for many years. Here we will post any interesting articles, interviews, spoilers, rumours and videos as it relates to the world of professional wrestling. We will also be doing our own reviews on ppv events and dvds from the past and present. Keep in mind we have a variety of interests and will be reporting mainly on the wwe as well as foreign companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling. I hope that everyone enjoys the information and forum we have created here for self-proclaimed smart marks and hope to educate and engage readers. Thanks đŸ™‚