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Maryse Gets Released.

WWE announced the following today:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Raw Diva Maryse as of today, October 28, 2011. WWE wishes Maryse the best in all of her future endeavors.”

Maryse commented on Twitter:

“I’M OUT and sexier than ever! Thanks to all my fans, colleagues and @WWE Universe. Im Happy, im Smiling, and FREE, now its time to get Naughty …………BE SEXY”

Now my opinion is that along with Beth Pheonix she was the best heel-Diva in the company, and that she really improved her in-ring the past year (in the rare chances we actually got to see her). However looking at this trend it seems like being able to work is the downfall for a lady in the WWE. How is that that Melina, Gail Kim and now Maryse are no longer a part of the company when “DIVAS” like Rosa Mendes, Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly are? Now, if it’s only “The Look” they’re after, releasing her should be the last thing you do! She should’ve been pushed as the top Diva in the company… because she’s HOT!


One response

  1. alsharaz

    Well I think she requested her release, which is smart since they were not doing anything with her. Especially since her boyfriend (The Miz) is getting such a big push and is one of their main talents, its very confusing, she was very hot and talented.

    October 29, 2011 at 7:16 pm

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